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Listen Up Manifesto Launch

We are six activism organisations joining forces across the UK to empower, platform and drive young voices for change. Young people aged between 12-25 years old have created this Manifesto and Campaign. We believe in the power of the youth. We want young people to lead the decision making and creation of the Covid-19 recovery plan to ensure young people’s needs, values and demands are met, enabling a more equity driven society to follow from the hardships of the pandemic. We are told that young people are the future, but we are ready now, in the present, to make change and be heard. We have been unfairly ridiculed, belittled and ignored for far too long. The Covid-19 pandemic has only made this more evident in the handling of each aspect of life addressed in our Manifesto. This Manifesto outlines the asks, suggestions and demands we are all proposing to the Government and change makers. 

The Warren of Hull

Chilypep (Children & Young People’s Empowerment Project)

Northern Ireland Youth Forum


About Katie (she / her) – Comics Youth Host

Katie Heyes is a young journalist, freelance writer, blogger and mental health advocate with a wealth of experience in social change making. Katie has worked on a lot of campaigns such as ‘My Body Is Not Your Business’ and our LGBTQIA+ takeover event last year. Katie has lived experience of being marginalised in a number of ways and uses these experiences to champion other people and always try to challenge people’s perspectives on things that are important to making the world more equal. Having a key role in the creation of this Manifesto has enabled Katie to use her love for writing and social change to a great use.

About Erin (she / her) – Comics Youth Panelist

Erin is a business projects and compliance analyst and part of that is running projects identifying problems with processes or IT systems and working with lots of different partners to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Erin feels like this has helped with the campaign as she is constantly trying to think about how our campaign will affect everyone in society and what we might need to do to make sure our goal is understood by all and the processes we take are fair. The part of the campaign Erin is enjoying the most is just being in such a carefully curated safe space that she truly feels able to be herself in without any question. Erin feels it’s inspired her to want everyone to be able to feel that way all the time.

About Lizzie (she / her) – Irise International Host

Hi i’m Lizzie! I am deeply passionate about gender equality and menstrual health for all people with periods across the globe.  I have been part of the Irise family since writing my MA Global Development dissertation in partnership with them back in 2018. As a member of Irise’s Empower Period Committee, I am constantly inspired by what young people can achieve when they are provided with the support and space to do so.

About Anastasia Matveeva (she / her) – Irise International Panelist

Sport and the humanities have always been my passions. I am a keen rower and have been since I was 11. But I’ve always seen that as a hobby, my real interest lies in philosophy and understanding the core values a human being holds and how we use those values to treat others. This is why Irise is such an interesting organisation to me. By using our fortunes we reallocate those values that we hold onto the people who need our help. As a strong believer that humanity is better united, it’s only comprehensive to say that together voices are better heard.

About Ravan (he/they) – The Warren Youth Project Host

Hi, I am Ravan, I’m 17 years old and decided to become a part of this manifesto to help young people, such as myself, by talking about the issues within the mental health service and the good and bad parts and ways the government can improve on them post lockdown. As we know, the pandemic hasn’t done any one any favours for their own mental health and the services within the UK have been needing improving for a while. Becoming a part of this manifesto has allowed me to express how I feel about the current protocols taken in these services and give ideas on how they can help improve their service for other young people.

About Amy (she / her) – The Warren Panelist

My name is Amy and I’m 19 years old. My favourite colour is purple and I have a cat and a hamster at home. I have recently just joined a kickstart programme at the Warren so I have gone from young person to staff member. At the Warren we have been focusing on looking into how young people have been being treated by mental health services. As a service user myself I’ve seen the effects of inadequate care on vulnerable young people and believe it is really important that this issue is raised in every way possible, and the manifesto seemed like an amazing opportunity for us to be heard. I am really excited to be involved.

Eliza - Chilypep

About Eliza Mcaughtrie (she / her) – CHILYPEP

Hi , my name is Eliza and I’m 14 years old, I was inspired by attending climate strikes to campaign for change and I have been training with CHILYPEP as part of the Gen Z activism group. I became involved with the youth manifesto because I have always felt angry that the government refused to listen to young people even on issues that hugely affect us and our futures. Being involved in this manifesto has motivated me to pursue activism and made me feel connected to other young people who feel the same as I do.

About Jia (she / they) – CHILYPEP

My name is Jia and I am 18. I decided to become part of this campaign because I want to help create a fairer world. I feel honoured to be able to contribute to something that could have such a positive impact on young people’s lives.

Northern Ireland Youth Forum Logo

About Cohen Taylor (He/Him) – NIYF Host

Hi, my name is Cohen and I live in Belfast, I am a newly elected member to the Northern Ireland Youth Forum Executive Committee. I am passionate, and believe we need to stand up and fight for equality and opportunity for all.

I am a strong advocate for Integrating our education system here in NI. I’ve had the privilege of an Integrated Education myself and I believe it is essential that we learn together to build a shared future.

Northern Ireland Youth Forum Logo

About Eoin Millar  (He/Him) – NIYF Panelist

HI I am Eoin Millar, I am currently studying History, Politics and Finance at my school. I am going into my second year of A-Level studies and thoroughly enjoying the content.

Through the School & Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children & Young People, I have spoken alongside and to those people of influence and decision makers to better raise the voice of young people and their issues.

I am passionate about  Youth participation and representing the voice of young people to have their say and opinions heard as young people are the present and future.


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July 27, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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