Phoenix Education is a pioneering charity providing inspiration and support to enhance student participation and engagement in schools, and remove common barriers to learning. 

Our mission is to transform students’ experience of education, helping them to take ownership over their time in school and to become active citizens. 

Founded in 2000, Phoenix Education is committed to education transformation. We promote democratic, human-centred and rights-respecting practices and structures, where student voice matters, and young people influence their experience of education. 

We work with mainstream schools, as well as with progressive alternative settings and innovators, challenging and expanding norms of what school and education can be. 

Work supported by Act for Change Fund

Changemakers Lab is a 2 year programme working with a diverse group of courageous students aged 14-18 who want to campaign for reform in the education system to better reflect the needs and rights of young people. The programme invites student activists aged 14-18 from different backgrounds in the UK to work together to research, understand and articulate meaningful campaigns for change in the education system, enhancing their activism through solidarity. This has led to the design and creation of campaigns in 2020 through to 2021. 

Young people have the right to have a say in matters which affect them, we believe that means that we should be able to shape the education system which we spend so much time in. We each have our own experiences in schools, whether we’re refugees, people of colour, live with a disability, part of the LGBTQIA+ community, poor, have special educational needs, mental health concerns, or are just dreamers, one thing unites us and this is our youth.

We refuse to be silenced because we are young. We are stronger together, and life is too important. 

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