The Winch is a dynamic children and young persons’ charity in Swiss Cottage, Camden. We started in 1973 when our community repurposed a formerly-derelict pub as a needed youth space. We’ve since grown, engaging with over 2,000 children, young people and families last year. Our vision, for every child to grow, learn and flourish has remained unchanged. 

Our mission is to help each child succeed, regardless of circumstances. We do this through our four strategic goals:


  1. Work alongside children and young people to develop their strengths, skills and sense of purpose
  2. Connect people to create a kinder and more resourceful community
  3. Back community-led change
  4. Achieve organisational excellence

Within this, we deliver a broad mix of activities as part of a responsive cradle-to-career offer. From delivering child development and parent education programmes to providing mentoring, and youth social action opportunities; we ensure everyone has access to support, opportunity or a space to connect, whenever they need us. 

Work supported by Act for Change Fund

Take Back The Power (TBTP) is a social action programme in which young people explore injustices which affect them, and decide together what action should be taken.

Our most recent cohort of young people were employed and trained as Youth Organisers, in recognition of the need and desire to build power and momentum between and with young people to effect change. They created the Power Circle, an original, radical community organising tool and manifestation of the Call to Action’s principles of Emotional Amnesty, Critical Understanding and Mindset Change. The Power Circle is a safe space where people can anonymously share stories that hold power or control over them. In sharing personal experiences, Organisers believe it will help individuals to overcome their traumas and begin the journey of healing and alleviating the power they once held over them. 

TBTP Organisers wanted to create an autonomous space through the Power Circle, as a step towards an autonomous youth-led peer support network. The Power Circle is a manifesto for independent youth organising and redesigning alternative systems of support.


Importance & Impact of Youth Involvement

July 28, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Youth participation is a difficult cliff to traverse, and can feel hard to do in a way that meets an organisation's needs and those of the young people too.

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