UpRising is a national youth leadership development and employability organisation with over 12 years of experience of working with young people to help change the face of power. It was set up to address systemic underrepresentation in positions of leadership in communities and work. Since then, UpRising has supported over 4,000 young people directly who have in turn impacted more than 16,000 young people in communities across the country. UpRising’s mission is to break the cycle of unrepresentative power in the UK, by developing new, community-minded and socially-conscious leaders; so that our future decision-makers truly represent our diverse communities. UpRising believes young people are uniquely placed to change the world and that youth leadership can tackle pressing social challenges and encourage positive social change. 

Work supported by Act for Change Fund

Thanks to the Act for Change Fund, UpRising has developed a follow-on programme for its alumni. Alumni of UpRising programmes can now join a series of events and workshops to help boost their professional and personal development and  continue their social action journey.  UpRising believe that young people have the capacity to be powerful change-makers and influencers and this programme supports young people to further unlock their potential, which will have positive impacts for society at large.

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